Level 2 Award Healthier Food and Special Diets (Nutrition) (CIEH)




Level 2 Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets

The benefits of a healthy and varied diet are indisputable. The government is committed to reducing death and ill health caused by diet-related disease. Consumers are increasingly aware of the effects of a poor diet – childhood obesity, in particularly, is a cause for national concern. More than ever caters need to understand the link between diet and health. People working with food have a responsibility to keep up-to-date with current recommendations and guidelines.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to nutrition
  • The balance of good health
  • Diet and health
  • Nutritional requirements of different groups
  • Catering for different groups
  • Food processing and fortification
  • Food labelling

On completing this qualification candidates will be able to understand:

  • nutrition terminology
  • that a nutritionally balanced diet has a positive effect on health
  • the relationship between diet and health
  • that different groups of people require different diets to suit their lifestyle
  • the guidance that is available and describe, in general terms, the requirements of the current legislation
  • that food processing and manufacture can change the nutritional content of foods
  • the importance of accurate nutritional information being available on food products

The course is 6 hours duration and assessment is by a multiple choice question paper by the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health). Work books, handouts, leaflets are included within the cost.


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